The Dallas Mavericks have been eliminated. And Mark Cuban was hit with an idiot blast on the way out the door.

It came after the game, in response to Cubes’ take that Russell Westbrook is not a Superstar.


Next question? Okay- KD, do you not see what he was doing? Cubes was poking. He was trolling. He was bleep-stirring. He’s not an idiot. He’s an investor. Cuban launching a little scud at Russ while his Mavs were on life support was him throwing some cash at a longshot stock and seeing if it jumped. He knew his team was outmanned and outclassed. Everybody did.

The only reason Dallas was even in a Game 5 was because in Game 2 KD had the worst shooting night of his life. But Cubes just isn’t the kind of owner who’s gonna go quietly into the night. He’s a gambler. He’s a freaking MAVERICK. So before the close out game –  he plays some mental warfare with a guy who’s a pretty different cat. Maybe Russ gets caught up, gets emotional, tries to prove Cubes wrong and gets out of his game. It’s not the craziest desperate strategy I’ve ever heard. This is the same Russ who’s been engaging with Chuck Villanueva – a guy who barely even plays. So maybe if Cubes hangs a nice fat worm in front of Russ… He’ll take the bait. And he did. To the tune of 36, 12, and 9 as he tried to tear down the building.


If it was me, and I wanted to troll Russ – I’d make sure there was somebody other than J.J. Barea and Ray Felton out there to guard him.

We’ve seen Cubes call out Kobe, we’ve seen him tweak D-Wade. It’s the closest he can come to actually being IN the game. And sometimes it blows up in his face.

You really thought Cubes was going to stand idly by as his team lost and NOT try to engage? He lives for it. So he took a couple idiot blasts. Whatever – not the first time. Probably not the last. And just like the rest of us, I’d be willing to bet that it made Cubes laugh. Sure, it blew up in his face, but as Wayne Gretzky famously said, you miss all the shots you don’t take. So Cubes took a shot.

And how about KD jumping in on the Russ question like he was his body guard. Puts his hand up as if to say, I got this, Russ. And then Russ himself, never actually gets around to answer the question, that was to him and about him.

Next time, someone takes a unsolicited run at your dude, let HIM answer the question, Kevin. And once he’s done, you can get off as many idiot blasts as you want.



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