Info & Stats: Cleveland Indians 2nd Baseman

All Topics: Losing to Minnesota last night | His plate approach | Having jury duty and food poisoning last off-season | Jury Duty experience | Chicago Blackhawks being eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs | Playoff hockey is the best TV | Leadership | Learning to be a leader on the job | 2nd base sliding rule change | Francisco Lindor | Having good chemistry with Lindor | Twitter | Everyone on Twitter being a critic |

Apr 26th 2016

Jason on the Stanley Cup Playoffs: “Best TV around right now.”


Aug 29th 2013

All Topics: 4 games back in the AL Wild Card race | Playing important games in September | Meeting 8 year old Niko Lanzarotta on Saturday night | Lanzarotta asked him and Carlos Santana to hit homeruns and both delivered | His first All-Star experience was amazing | Moving to the infield in the minor leagues | Coming up in the Cleveland organization | Tweeting about his trip to the casino |

Jason on the Cleveland Indians 2013 team goal: “playing important games in September.”


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