Hour 1

NBA Playoffs | If, And, But, Segment | Teddy Talks Basketball Ring


Hour 2

Props To Nashville | John Jaso (MLB) Interview | Karma Lesson


Hour 3

Braden Holtby (NHL) Interview | The Voice Of HockeyChris Mullin (College Basketball) Interview



John Jaso

Pittsburgh 1st baseman on his dreads: “I wash them once or twice a week, so they’re not as bad as people think.”


Chris Mullin

St. John’s head coach on his young players this season: “They did make progress.”


Braden Holtby

Washington goalie on playing Pittsburgh in the 2nd round of the Playoffs: “They’re going to put us in uncomfortable positions.”



The NBA Playoffs Are Officially Lit

This is the NBA  playoffs! It’s supposed to be fantastic!
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Team JaMarcus

One day from the draft, and it’s all about picking which NFL quarterback you want to be in business with: Team Carson. Team Jared. Team JaMarcus.
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Jim Rome’s Hockey Lock

I want to thank a moment to tip the cap to the Nashville Predators for agreeing to show up in Anaheim tonight and play the Ducks for charity.
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Welcome To The Club, Ted

I’m not going to sit here and try to handicap the Republican race for the oval office…
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