I want to thank a moment to tip the cap to the Nashville Predators for agreeing to show up in Anaheim tonight and play the Ducks for charity.

To be honest, I haven’t read the details of the arrangement – but I’m just assuming that’s why they’re even having that game tonight. For a good cause, to raise awareness, something alone those lines.

Because why else would an NHL team be willing to get on a plane and play an exhibition.

Let’s just be real here- that’s not really a “game” tonight. “Game” suggests that there’s an element of chance. That one team may win or lose.

If anything, it’s like Week 17 in the NFL where a team has already locked up everything they need, but they still have to play out their schedule.

I’d say my Ducks need a big game from Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf, but frankly I’m not even sure they’ll play. Why would they? We need to rest their legs for the next round. Why bother? In fact why bother keeping score? It’s just a fun night for the fans to come out and see a friendly between two teams with nothing to play for.

I think they should let the players bring their kids on the ice, maybe have a skills competition, roll some fans out and let them try to slide a wrist shot from center ice into one of those little slots for a prize. Just a good time had by all, and a big thank you to Nashville traveling to it, and being away from their families.

The good news is they’ll have a ton of time to spend with those families after tonight. And what- people actually want to call this a competitive game? People still want to throw my Ducks winning the Stanley Cup prediction back in my face? Give me one solid fact that suggests there is really anything hanging in the balance tonight. I dare you.

What… Just because each of the last THREE Ducks seasons has ended with them losing a Game 7 on their home ice? You think that actually matters. No this matters: NONE of the Ducks last three seasons have been blessed by the Jim Rome Hockey Lock. This one has.

Tonight is just for fun. Wake me up for Sharks-Ducks Game 1.


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