One day from the draft, and it’s all about picking which NFL quarterback you want to be in business with: Team Carson. Team Jared. Team JaMarcus.

That’s right. JaMarcus Russell is talking this week, and he’s talking business. The de facto biggest NFL bust in history says if another team gives him a chance, he will play for free.

Look, just clowning this guy for this offer is low-hanging fruit. Especially since one of the reasons he’s out of the league is that he didn’t EAT any fruit. But he really is saying all the right things. For a guy who came off as uncoachable with the Raiders, he’s thoroughly coached up now.

Look at this teacher’s pet: Front row of the meeting room, asking questions and taking notes. “The blame for any negative press that I’ve received rested squarely on my shoulders… Whatever it is — I can be a water boy and work my way into a scout team. It doesn’t matter. I’ll go play for free.”

It’s a great attitude. And horrible timing. Because if JaMarcus had shown even one note of that attitude when he was a player-  he could still be there. Nobody’s come into that league with more raw talent. But the guy who wants to be the water boy, is the guy who held out for all of training camp, took 30MM guaranteed, was inaccurate, unprepared, and so overweight he got glossed JaWalrus Ruffles.

He says “God makes things happen for a reason.” Okay. So do cheeseburgers. So does Purple Drank. You had both on your training table, J.

And this attitude is 9 years too late. Because even if he is in shape… His biggest issue was always football IQ. His bad decisions put him in a lot of drive-thrus, but they ended twice as many drives for the Raiders.

And I’m not exactly encouraged that he’s made leaps and bounds as a student of the game when he’s offering to play for free… Plus the CBA doesn’t even allow it.

And one of the reasons why is that every burn out and bust who blew their shot would come back and make that same offer once they pieced their life together.

And considering Russell’s last tryout was 3 years ago, and he couldn’t even get to training camp… Playing for free wouldn’t’ even be worth it.

You know what J – you should offer to PAY to play. Start by writing a giant Powerball sized check to the Oakland Raiders, and then maybe they’ll let you hand Derek Carr his water. Way too little, much too late.

You ate your way out of  the league, you can’t beg your way back into it.


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