Leo DiCaprio. Clayton Kershaw. Kobe Bryant. Kris Jenner. Jared Goff.  Love them or hate them – these are the faces of LA.

The Rams added to that A-List when they took Goff with the #1 pick, and between he and Carson Wentz. I think they got it right.

To be clear, I’m not calling my shot on either of these guys. When I look at Wentz and Goff, I don’t exactly see Newton and Luck. I think the Eagles were insane to trade all the way up to 2, and not even get their pick between the two. And I think the Rams were a little nuts to go all-in for Goff at #1. But at least in their case – I get the angle.

I’ve said it for months. You can’t show up to LA without a leading man. You can’t use Case Keenum and Nick Foles to sell the fans. They needed a face. They needed a name. And if they were determined to get one – I think they got the RIGHT one.

Because the job Jared Goff is going to do – is about way more than football. The guy who shows up as the starting QB in LA – is part football player, part rock star, and a full time celebrity.

He’s the guy the paparazzi will find. He’s the guy who’s going to be photographed at the grocery store. And again – if you look at these two, I think Goff’s a better fit to be that guy. Because he’s a Cali guy.

What’s more Cali than choosing Tupac as your draft entrance music? Sure, he’ from Northern Cali. Carson Wentz is from North Dakota. There will be more people in the Coliseum for the first Rams game… Then the entire town of Bismarck where Wentz was raised.

I think Wentz is a good guy. I don’t see him as a Hollywood guy.

And make no mistake- the Rams QB is going to have to be. The last time the Rams were in town. There was no TMZ. There was barely AOL. I don’t know who’s going to be better getting rushed standing in the pocket. But I think Goff will be more comfortable getting hounded standing at the valet stand.

To borrow a phrase from another Cali guy Dr. Dre “Throw up your finger if you feel the same way, Goff putting it down for Californ-i-a.


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