Dumbest headline from Draft Night? The Broncos Make Surprise Move to Draft Paxton Lynch. That’s no surprise.

The real surprise would have been if John Elway DIDN’T jump in and rattle the cage.

Of course he had a plan.

Did you really think that Gangster John was going to show up to the big dance, sit there like a dope and take whoever fell to Denver. Hell no.

For the second straight year, Denver knew what guy they wanted, and they moved up to get him. #7 doesn’t wait for players. Players wait for #7.

This time that player was Lynch, who Denver took by landing Seattle’s first round pick in exchange for a 3rd rounder.

Surprise? I bet Elway has known he was going to take Lynch for months. I bet he knew since Lynch was in high school.

Here’s what I know: John Elway was never going to attempt back-to-back titles with nothing more than Mark Sanchez in his arsenal. And he wasn’t going to overpay to take some guys as over rated as Colin Kaepernick or Sam Bradford. Just like he wasn’t going to be put over a barrel by Brock Osweiler? You don’t want to be here Brock? You have a chance to play for a Super Bowl- but you want to play for the Houston Texans? Okay. Bye. I’m just going to draft a younger, hungrier, more mobile version of you.

Paxton Lynch is 6’7 240. The guy wants to be there so badly he started crying it out when he got the call. Osweiler left for 72 million.

Lynch is coming for about 9. Elway says they had Lynch rated ahead of Carson Wentz and Jared Goff. So basically – in their eyes, they just landed the #1 pick, they got him all the way down at 26, and apparently they outbid the Cowboys to do it.

So in one move, John Elway beat Jerry Jones, landed his QB of the future, and saved a bunch of money that he can give to Von Miller.

It sounds insane- but when this dude is done, he might be a cooler cat in the front office than he was on the field. John Elway should start the Paxton Lynch presser by thanking John Elway.



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