This is why the NFL Draft went to prime time. For the big lights. The big run. The classic images- and last night we got another one.

There’s Eli Manning holding up a Chargers jersey he didn’t want in ’04. Mike Ditka sparking a stoge after trading his entire draft for Ricky Williams in ’99. And now Laremy Tunsil sparking a gas mask and huffing a tube of salad in 2016.

With NFL folk killing their cell phones during the draft, I just hope someone took the time to lob the folks at Guinness a call. Because we had a whole slew of new records.

The longest bong pull in history. And the most expensive weed ever purchased. Because that may have been a multi-million dollar smoke session.

And a cold-blooded high jacking of Tunsil’s social networking. Apparently, allegedly- somebody who really hates Laremy Tunsil tweeted vid of him torching the herb just before the draft started, and then the chain reaction started.

A guy once projected as the top overall pick… Fell all the way to 13 as the video spread and the internet exploded. The only smoke cloud bigger than the one coming out of Tunsil’s bong vid, was the giant mushroom over Twitter.

Then the rumors and reports started flying. It was his stepdad, who Tunsil had an altercation with last year, and who sued Tunsil just this week.

It was a financial advisor he fired.

And my favorite theory – It was the Miami Dolphins!

After all, GM Chris Grier admitted the team knew about the video before the draft. So naturally- the Dolphins leaked it so he’d fall to them.

You want a theory? I’ve got a couple. Social Networking is hemlock for young athletes. So many have gotten poisoned by it – but none worse than Tunsil. He was attacked, he was ambushed, and he was robbed of not just millions of dollars, but also the supposed greatest night of his life.

The kid is standing on stage at the draft, 10 seconds after he realized his dreams and put on his Dolphins hat… Getting grilled by Deion about his rep getting slaughtered and whether he thinks his step pops did it.

And the bong vid was the first shot.

Like any planned attack – this thing came in WAVES. And you know what they say about Social networking – You can’t have Twitter without Instagram. Gotta get on both. And the hijacker unloaded both barrels.

You think that ganjmask vid was good? Check this Insta of a text exchange where Tuns appears to be talking to Ole Miss Assistant Athletic Director John Miller about needing money for rent and his mother’s electric bill. A second mushroom cloud.

At that point – you wondered what the hijacker had left.

What’s next- Snapchat screen caps of Larmey Tunsil junk shots? Exposing him for having a bunch of One Direction and Fall out Boy on his iTunes top played list? The damage had been done.

Strangest, most bizarre tumble we have ever seen at the draft. By far.

Roger Goodell throwing Brady Quinn a life line and ripping him out of the green room? That’s a warm wonderful draft moment compared to Tunsil getting sabotaged by social networking.

But I’ll give him this – he set another record last night. First and only athlete to claim they were hacked – and you actually believe them.

The NFL may be king in this country. But the Internet is the ruler of the world. It is a cruel, vicious dictator. And Laremy Tunsil just suffered one of its most ruthless attacks ever.

Moral of the story: don’t have knuckleheads roll vid of you doing knuckleheaded things. And when you choose passwords, pay heed to the feedback you’re getting when selecting. If it says weak, think of something stronger.

This isn’t an international hack: dude’s password must have been password, for this to happen. Oh, add this to your social media crisis playbook. When someone is posting on your twitter account without your permission, or posting pics of you ripping from a gasmask bong, immediately rip down your Instagram account before they go in over there. Don’t get Tunsil’ed.


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