Don’t think for a second that everything is great for Golden State. They’ve got problems. And not just Steph’s knee. One of their biggest problems is OKC.

Because 48 hours ago, things were looking just fine for the Warriors. Sure Steph’s gimpy, but Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are on a beach. They don’t have to go to battle with the Clippers, they get the Blazers, and meanwhile Steph can get right while OKC and San Antonio punch each other in the face for 7 games and empty their tanks.

That was the plan. Until the Thunder showed took the floor in San Antonio. Now I’m not sure that series even goes 5.

The Munster Kid’s crew was so lit for the Spurs series, that in the very first quarter they got torched for 43 freaking points?? Russ Westbrook didn’t get to the basket. Kevin Durant didn’t even get 20 points. KD gets 20 points on his ride to the arena. They did not look ready to play. They did not look ready for prime time.

And that’s the problem – these dudes have BEEN in prime time, over and over again. But if Game 1 is any indication, they’re not getting better; they’re not getting closer. And they sure as hell aren’t getting over San Antonio, who hasn’t looked better and is primed for a run at their sixth title.

Just look at these guys: 3 Hall of Famers and none of them are their MVP.

Everybody loves Dunc, Tony and Manu – but this team goes through Kawhi and LaMarcus. And they did whatever they wanted to do.

And it’s killing the Warriors. Because they’re not going to get to rest up Steph while The Spurs and Thunder beat up on each other. They need a 6-gamer out of that series.

Shouting up to NorCal- put on some KD jerseys. Start tweeting love at Westbrook. If you can cover the check – get on a jet to San Antonio and scream like hell for Team Munster. Because the last thing you need is a Spurs sweep. Forget all the doctors, trainers, stretches and injections – The best thing right now for Steph’s knee is O.K.C.


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