If you’re Johnny Manziel, and the whole world believes you have a drinking problem – you don’t want to start beating your chest on Twitter during Happy Hour.

That’s how Manziel started his weekend, by getting his Tweet On Friday evening when everybody was getting their drink on.

That’s a dangerous window for any of us. End of a long week. End of a tall drink. You get a little spark in your head, convince yourself you’ve got something to share, tweet it, and by the time you get your next round- all hell is raining down around how reckless that tweet was. Especially when it’s Manziel. Especially when the NFL draft is going on. And especially when he tweets something as dumb as this: “You guys act like what I’m doing is something new. I’ve been the same person, doing the same things since it all started.”  

Since what all started- your unemployment? Because you’re right, then. Doing all the same things – Clubbing, drinking, drinking, Clubbing, and wrapping a bandana around your head before watching the draft in a bar.

But otherwise, John – you’re not the same person. You used to be a professional football player. You’re not anymore. You’re not doing the same things since it all started. Because just two years ago you were walking on stage at the draft flashing the money sign. Now you’re throwing money around a bar buying shots for people.

You’re the same person? No you used to be Johnny Football. Now you’re Johnny Fireball. And ranting that nothing’s changed during a tweet session at drunk o’clock on a Friday isn’t going to change that.

I’d say you should have saved that tweet for a Monday morning, but you probably don’t wake up until the afternoon. The only draft you know right now is Miller Genuine.

But, I know, I know – you’ve been doing the same things since it all started. Only you used to get drafted; now you just get blasted… And I think it’s safe to say everything has ended.


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