The only hype I can give a team today is for the way they went about their business. And that’s why the first time, in a very, very long time I’m giving some dap to the Jacksonville Baguars… Errrr the Jaguars.

In fact, I’m this close to banning them from being called the Baguars on this show. This team is handling themselves like pros.

You might not have watched a Jags game since Maurice Jones-Drew was there. Shoot, maybe even Fred Taylor. But I have- they can play a little. They can chuck it. They can put up some points. They just give up too many.

So what’d they do? They got the top two defensive players in the draft, and they took the risk on Myles Jack. Love that move. Because they got him all the way down at the 36th pick when he has the game to go in the top 5. They got Jalen Ramsey to play corner. And considering last year’s No. 3 overall pick Dante Fowler got hurt and didn’t play a down last year, they might as well have drafted him this year too.

Again – you’re probably thinking? The freaking Jaguars? Aren’t they just a bye week for the Colts and Texans?  Are Tony Boselli and Keenan McCardell coming out of retirement or something? No. But Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns both had 1,000 yards last year. Fantasy Guy- you know what the hell I’m talking about. In fact you want me to shut up so nobody drafts these dudes.

I’ll tell you who’s not shutting up today? Jaguars fans howling that it’s all coming together.


I’m not crowning anybody after the draft. All of the Jags picks might end up being terrible. But I like their gamble, I like that they had an angle, and I like that they actually have some style now.

Just a couple years ago- this is the fanbase that was begging for Tim Tebow. Now they’re actually signing real players. Did you see their division last year? It was won by Bryan Hoyer. I’m not saying I’m team Jags. But I’m no longer calling them the Bags.


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