The NFL Draft it over, and next year’s top prospects should start doing some Spring Cleaning on twitter.

In fact, it might already be too late. It was for Jared Goff. Because he wasn’t an LA Ram for 12 seconds before social networking archeologists had dug up a fossil from his past. Welcome to town, Jared! You’re the face of football Los Angeles. Meet Chris Paul, Clayton Kershaw, Mike Trout, oh, and Yasiel Puig. You know Mr. Puig, don’t you? That’s right, you weighed in on him back in 2013 on Twitter. July 29th, to be exact.  “I hope Yasiel Puig gets a fastball in his ribs tomorrow.” OCK-WOOD.

Welcome to the new NOW with social networking, where it’s been around long enough for famous people to have years’ worth of backlogged tweets from when nobody paid attention to what they thumbed into their timelines. It’s not enough to be careful what you tweet. It’s like you have to be careful what you USED to tweet.

How the hell do you do that? You can’t. And best believe people will run back and find those gold nuggets where you cracked a new teammate and took a run at your new town.

Ask new New York Giant Eli Apple, who tweeted four years ago “It must suck to be a New York Giants fan right now #shutout #embarrassing”.  

Even worse a year ago when newly-drafted LA Laker Larry Nance Jr. who had to answer questions about an old tweet involving Kobe Bryant and Colorado.

I don’t’ care if a guy was hammered in 2009 at a keg party in high school. If he tweeted any kind of shade at his current team, a current teammate, or his current town – the twitter diggers with their pick axes will find it.

If I was reppig a pro prospect, the very first thing we would do is make a pot of coffee and go through his entire timeline with a big can of Raid to kill off the old bugs that are going to bite him.

Because really- who DOESN”T have tweet they’ve totally forgotten about that would bite them? Twitter isn’t just a loaded gun. At this point, it’s an old gun.

Your old ammo is still live. It will still go off. And if you’re a dude who’s going to get drafted-  your old timeline is the new 40 time.


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