It’s come to this, we can’t go a day without an athlete getting zapped by social media. We can’t go an hour. Now they’re even getting stung while they’re asleep. A picture hit the internet of a woman in bed, shooting a selfie, while Ezekiel Elliott appears to be sleeping behind her in the background.

She apparently snap chatted it, with the caption “Dallas Cowboys Newest runnning back Ezekiel Elliott.”

It’s super shady, and I don’t’ know exactly what happened.’ But I know this, if this DID happen – it’s not the first time an athlete’s spent the night with somebody and they’ve gone public with it once he falls asleep.

Julian Edelman had the same thing go down, the caption under him sleeping was “Just (f*cked) Edelman. No lie.” No lie. No class. No respect. And no surprise.

What – somebody who wants to sleep with famous athletes is going to do it… And NOT get credit on the Internet for it? That’s the whole reason they’re after it. James Harden got the same treatment.

Remember the golden age when they only did it for money? The good old days when an athlete could pass out in a hotel room, and they would only steal his watch worth 20 thousand dollars? Now they’d rather have the followers. Clicks are the new currency.

Standard op, the moment the athlete passes out- the camera comes out.

And Bears tackle Kyle Long is fired up about it. He launched a tweet rant when he saw the Zeke pic “Nobody in our generation can be trusted! Everyone trying to use each other for gain. It’s gross. It’s not attractive and it’s not gonna stop  As an athlete I’m merely a trophy on the wall of an avg female. It’s really saddening that this is the culture we live in now … If you’re in a position of power or recognition you will be poached like an elephant.. You meet someone nice, take them to dinner have great conversation and they ask – “hey smile!” – I’m like “what’s that?” – “snapchat!”… Rule #1 don’t sleep over”

Everything he’s saying is true. Especially the last part. You can’t get your picture taken asleep if you don’t fall out.

Why don’t they teach that in the Rookie Symposium. Save your money. Don’t do drugs. And don’t pass out after wrestling with some woman you don’t even know. Somebody get a 5-hour for my man Zeke. And somebody write Cris Carter a new speech.

Hey Rooks: Have a fall guy, and don’t fall asleep. If you’re going to go there, just make sure you don’t nap there. Or you’ll get snap-chatted or insta’ed or even tweeted.


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