LeBron is taking his talents to Space Jam. After years of rumors, we are finally getting a remake of the greatest basketball movie ever.

For many, it’s a day of celebration. So let’s start with the good news. I believe LeBron can handle his business on screen. I don’t think he’s Jordan’s equal as a player, but I think he’s better as an actor. LeBron hung in and traded with Bill Hader and Amy Schumer. 45 struggled in scenes with Elmer and Sylvester.

Bron can handle this. And the director they’ve tapped comes from the Fast and the Furious, so he can handle this. Every artist who grew up loving the movie will die to be on the soundtrack, that thing will be banging.

Now, and this is key…To me –  this movie is going to ride or die on the casting. I’ll take LeBron in the Mike role. But who’s gonna be in the Chuck, Pat, Bradley, Grandmamma and Mugsy roles? Let me guess – those bros on the banana boat. WOW, CP3. Melo.

That’s already a bit of an eye roll. It was funny to see Mike in a movie with his peers, because you know he wanted to kill all of them with his entire being. But everybody’s already rightfully annoyed by how tight Bron is with his little crew, they don’t’ want to pay 18 bucks to see it on Imax. And yet – that’s still not the most critical casting decision.

You need a worthy adversary… You need someone who can smack LeBron upside the head with a little truth like Mike got in the first movie. You need some of this magic.


That’s a critical scene. That gets the main character inside his head, makes him think. There are no small parts, only small actors. And they better not cast one in his sequel. You need a Jim Rome type. And guess who should play it? Jim Rome.

Listen, this is not a vanity thing. This is a team thing. You think I want to take time out of my schedule so I can put on a suit that’s going to look dated in 20 years and spend an afternoon lighting up LeBron? No. I want the movie to work. And the best sequels and remakes are the ones that tip the cap to the original. The ones that bring back the fan favorites.

Carl Powell cameos in Die Hard 2. We get a flash of Hans Gruber in Die Hard 3. Obi Wan in episodes 5-6. You see what I’m saying? Do you want to be one of these classics? Or do you want to be some BS remake with none of the original magic? You don’t cast Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka. You don’t’ cast Jaden Smith as the Karate Kid. And you don’t’ cast some gas bag as Jim Rome.

LeBron of all people understand the power of joining forces with the right pieces. His whole career in the NBA has been about it. If he wants a career in Hollywood, he’ll stick with it. Get Mike a tennis racket. But get Bron my digits. 1-800-636-8686. Offer only. No audition.

Let’s Make Space Jam Great Again.


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