Hour 1

No Steph, No Worries | Kenny Clark (NFL) Interview | Clark’s Madden Reaction


Hour 2

Leave Jordan Spieth Alone | Sam Bradford Sando | Old School Jungle Caller


Hour 3

Braxton Miller (NFL) Interview | Happy 4th Be With You | Les Snead (NFL) Interview



Kenny Clark

Green Bay nose tackle on Myles Jack falling to the 2nd round of the 2016 NFL Draft: “Crazy situation.”


Braxton Miller

Former Ohio State star on being drafted by Houston in the 3rd Round of the 2016 Draft: “Relief.”


Les Snead

Los Angeles General Manager on trading for the first overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft: “Jared [Goff] was our guy and we went and got him.”




If we’ve learned one thing watching the Warriors this season – it’s don’t go to bed early. Portland did last night.
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Rice Up Son! Rice Up!

Updating the NFL’s banned substance list: HGH, amphetamines, beef enchiladas, and carne asada.
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Leave Jordan Alone

Shouting out to some very nice ladies down in the Lonestar State. If you happen to see a famous golfer in the produce section, please don’t tell him you’re sending up prayers for him.
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Big Win For Pirates

That sound you hear wheezing out of Chicago is the air flying out of the Jake Arrieta hype.
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Bear Down, Stand Down

Are there any stores in Chicago that sell blow-darts? Because a Bears fan is probably looking to spit one right at the neck of Lamarr Houston to shut him up.
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