Are there any stores in Chicago that sell blow-darts? Because a Bears fan is probably looking to spit one right at the neck of Lamarr Houston to shut him up. They may need that dude to take a little nap and stop talking.

Because the Bears linebacker won’t keep Aaron Rodgers name out his mouth. He’s already on record as saying he doesn’t “give two flying (bleeps) about him.”

And then yesterday Houston went on ESPN and dug in. “He’s a little arrogant for me. He’s a little too arrogant…. The whole championship belt thing kind of gets on my nerves.”

Dude – does he even do that anymore? I know what you don’t do anymore, Lamarr. A big, obnoxious sack dance. You know, like the kind you blew out your knee doing? You know what celebration really gets on my nerves: The kind when a guy throws a party for sacking Jimmy Garoppolo while he’s down 25 points and his knee explodes.


Lamarr Houston criticizing Aaron Rodgers celebration would be like Gus “The Butt”  Frerotte tweeting hate at Cam Newton’s dancing.

Here’s the thing Lamarr- You’re  a Bears linebacker. You should hate Aaron Rodgers. I like that you hate Aaron Rodgers. I just wouldn’t be crowing about hating Aaron Rodgers. Because you’re not exactly in his class, and because there’s not a player in that league who listens to that stuff more than he does. He may not even have known your name 24 hours ago. But he will 5 months from now.

The Bears finally beat Rodgers last season. That’s progress. The last thing they need is their linebacker cracking the guy and pissing him off. #12 has made a lot of players who are a lot better than Lamarr Houston look really bad. Somebody put a muzzle on Houston before he makes the guy mad. In fact it’s probably too late.

One guy has two mvps. The other guy’s a meme for shredding his knee.

Bear down, stand down.


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