Updating the NFL’s banned substance list: HGH, amphetamines, beef enchiladas, and carne asada.

Any NFLer enjoying some family time down in Cabo- you might want to spit out your taco. Roger Goodell might just suspend you for that chalupa.

The Shield shot out a memo to players explaining that meat in Mexico and China may contain a substance banned by the league, adding “Please take caution if you decide to consume meat, and understand that you do so at your own risk.”

In other words- PUT. THAT. CHIMICHANGA .DOWN. Or don’t. But don’t’ come crying to us when you fail your drug test.

Houston Texans tackle Duane Brown failed his. For the second time in his career. And he just had his 10-game PED suspension overturned because he produced receipts from his vacation to Baja that showed him eating 10 burgers and 2 steaks.

First of all- if you grub 10 burgers during one vacation to Mexico – you’re lucky to be alive. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that Duane Brown was TRYING to roid up at the cantina.

But everybody else better not follow suit. Because they’ve been warned. And the other players are already laughing about it.

Patrick Peterson tweeted “This can’t be real life! SMH!”

And Steve Smith nailed it. “thanks for the heads up. If you have a few steak dinners on vacation you’re screwed.”

Imagine if you worked your whole career to stay in shape, never took a short cut, followed the rules- and then got busted as a juicer because you had a few bites of Mexican beef. Never took one short cut. But ordered a short ribs torta.

My best advice to NFLers on vacation – Cheese Enchiladas and Chips all day long. Because SMH is right. The NFL is now saying that if you’re going on vacation – you better go vegetarian. RICE UP SON! RICE UP!



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