Self-proclaimed “a-hole” Andrew Bogut of the Golden State Warriors joined The Jim Rome Show on Friday, and said teams can’t be truly great if one or two guys aren’t willing to play that particular role.

“Really good teams got to have some crazy guys,” Bogut said. “You got to have some guys that are quiet and humble, you got to have some guys that are loud and proud, and I think we have a good mix of both or everything to be honest. We have a lot of great guys in the locker room, and that’s probably the most underrated aspect of all of us is we have guys that get along.”

Historically, after teams win championships, it seems like players agendas tend to become more individualized rather than focused on team. Bogut said he was never worried about that happening to this team after winning the 2014-15 NBA title.

“A lot of guys are about ready to hit their prime and are still young on this team. A lot of championship teams have a lot of veterans. Usually they’re pretty much older, and that’s kind of icing on the cake towards the end of their career. We have guys that are 3rd, 4th year guys,” Bogut said. “So I think we’ve experience the euphoric feeling of being on top of the mountain, and I think a lot of the guys wanted to get back there. And there’s a lot of motivational stuff to people saying we didn’t deserve to win the ring, that kind of fueled this season which was kind of a blessing in disguise.”

The 2005 NBA Draft’s first overall pick elaborated on the title doubters.

“It’s funny to me, I don’t really care, quotes for the media. I think gave us, a lot of guys on the team, some fuel to make sure that we didn’t have that championship hangover,” the Australian laughed. “I think it’s more of a blessing for us. But things happen over the course [of the season.] Injuries, and even in the playoffs, we are experiencing that without Steph, and you can only play the hand your dealt. Like I said, we didn’t play a healthy team in Cleveland last year, or wherever it may be throughout the playoffs we had a lucky run, but the reality of it is when you look back and see who won the ring that year, it was us.”


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