Info & Stats: Golden State Warriors Center

All Topics: NBA Playoffs | Rally in Game 2 vs. Portland | Teams bench | He and Draymond Green’s defense | Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum’s penetration ability | Being an a-hole | Media perception being all wrong | Locker room makeup | Team chemistry | Winning the title last season | Rock star treatment is a bit extreme | Giving up sugar | Cold turkey on sugar | Dirtiest players poll | Statistics

May 6th 2016

Feb 8th 2013

All Topics: Making it back to the court from his ankle injury | Rehab is tough | Being 265 pounds and obliterating his ankle | Everyone having a great threshold for others pain | Not going to shoot himself up with drugs to play | Needing to be smart about your future | Playing through pain | Dwight Howard | Everyone having an agenda | Kobe Bryant’s comments about Dwight | His tweet about seeing the Houston Rockets next Tuesday | His tweet was about Toby in Houston, that’s all | The Rockets beating them | Memphis Grizzlies | It’s a must win tonight | Playoffs | Draymond Green’s is tough | There’s nothing fake about Draymond | Buzz in the Bay Area | 49ers and Giants play | Coming back to Twitter | Explains why he left | Social media |

Andrew on his tweet about seeing the Houston Rockets next Tuesday: “Oh no, I was just talking about seeing Toby next Wednesday.”

Jan 14, 2011:

Andrew’s thoughts on the NFL Playoff game between Green Bay and Atlanta: “I Hope the Packers beat the hell out them.”

Dec 17, 2010:

Andrew on what Clones were Tweeting him to say: “Something about Larry Brown’s crank.”

Mar 25, 2010:

Topics: Playing in games that matter in mid-to-late March | Ending the year playing for pride | Showing up in the postseason; expectations to win | Biggest difference personally for him this year | Prepared for scrutiny and expectations at age 20? | Preparing and what he can done differently coming from where he was from | Tremendous dunk against Boston and Glen Davis | Reaction to Big Baby | Leading Utah to the Sweet 16; experiences in comparison | Brandon Jennings start; cooling off; criticism warranted? | Jennings handling scrutiny and criticism | Twitter as a conduit between the player and the fans | Charles Barkley reaction.


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