One way or another, kids always end up taking care of  their parents. Paying their bills, putting them in a home, running their roster. That’s what it’s come to with the Dallas Cowboys.

In a surprise to know one, Jerry Jones’ kid is there to make sure his old man doesn’t bleep everything up. That’s how one NFL GM put it to Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman.

He says Stephen Jones is keeping things in line. “The Cowboys are starting to scare me. You could always count on Jerry Jones bleeping things up. That isn’t happening any longer. ”

Or is hasn’t been happening for years.

Let’s not forget, that Steve-O is the guy who physically ripped the Johnny Manziel draft card out of Pop’s hands back in 2014.

They can’t trust the old man to make the decisions any more. In the last year alone, Jerry has said there’s no science behind CTE and that Brandon Weeden is one of the most gifted passers he’s ever seen.

Of course the draft card was ripped out of his hand. These days they wouldn’t let him grab it in the first place. Jerry is so upset the Cowboys tried and failed to get Paxton Lynch. I bet they didn’t get him because the rest of the execs never even wanted him. They probably just told Jerry they tried to keep him happy and he bought it.

This is really no different than any other family dynamic. You go over to your old man’s house to shovel the snow because you’re worried about him doing it. You set up your Mom’s DVR because you know she can’t do it. And you don’t let a 73-year old man build your roster because you’ know he’s just going to ruin it.

The Cowboys have a great set-up. Jerrah’s son in law cleans his glasses. And Steven Jones covers all their asses.


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