The Toronto Raptors just won Game 2 over the Heat. And if you’re paying attention, they’ve also won your respect.

I’m not rooting for the Raptors. But I really LIKE the Raptors.

Because they don’t CARE who likes them. These dudes don’t give a bleep about anything. Toronto doesn’t care about the script that says there’ll be a show-down in the next round between the Cavs and Heat. Toronto doesn’t give a damn that Bron has whimsically talked this week about his dream to play Dwon-yay in the playoffs, or that that series would be just one long play-date for those two Besties.

The Raptors are the 2-seed here. They’re the team that won 56 games, one less than the Cavs. They took 2 out of 3 against Bron this year. Why isn’t anyone talking about Toronto.

Because you’re still not sold on them? Because they’re really not playing well. You may have a point there. But they don’t give a damn.

They don’t trip when they play like crap. They did last night. And they still won at home. Real talk – the Raptors were awful last night. Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan missed thirty shots. The team missed 12 free throws. The entire team had ONE assist in the second half. It wasn’t good basketball.

But again – Toronto didn’t give a bleep, they like a grind-out. Anybody can win when you’re pulling 25 three-pointers out of your backside. The Raptors can win when they can’t hit one to save their lives.

What team in this era wins with just 96 points after an overtime?? The Warriors and Cavs are practically chasing 96 by HALFTIME.

In the era of isolations and 3ball pop-a-shot, I love when a team can win ugly. And this whole series has been heinous. Lowry straight up admits it. “It’s been ugly. But it’s a grind, honestly. We know nothing is going to be pretty, but as long as we can come out with the W it doesn’t matter.”

It doesn’t matter, they don’t care. It’s not pretty basketball. It’s playoff basketball. The Raptors don’t’ care about being in Vines. They want to be in the Finals.

And really, we should all thank them. Because we don’t really need to see an entire series of Banana Boating between the Cleveland and Miami. Bron & WOW want to bro it up. Toronto want to blow it up. Respect the Raps.


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