Hour 1

Bart Goes Yard! | Tim Layden (Kentucky Derby) Interview | Randall From The OC Calls In


Hour 2 

Dwyane’s Disrespect | Canada vs. Dwyane | Jeff Banister (MLB) Interview


Hour 3

Cubs Pitching Approach To Bryce Harper | Cleveland Big 3 | Jack Del Rio (NFL) Interview



Tim Layden

SI writer on how to get more fans in horse racing: “Get people to the racetrack.”


Jeff Banister

Texas manager on Adrian Beltre’s and Elvis Andrus’ relationship: “Big brother, little brother.”


Jack Del Rio

Oakland head coach on Derek Carr: “Huge upside still.”



Never Change, Big Sexy

A couple of thoroughbreds had themselves a little jog on Saturday. Nyquist at Churchill Downs. And Bartolo at Petco Park.
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Bush League, WOW

The Great White North is going in on Way of Wade after he put himself through a private shoot around during the playing of the Canadian National Anthem.
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KD Saves The Entire City

Don’t believe it when you read that Kevin Durant just saved the series.
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A Bad Motherbleeper

Right now the Cavs are so good because Kevin Love remembered how to be so bad.
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