Right now the Cavs are so good because Kevin Love remembered how to be so bad. That’s what Ty Lue’s been trying to bring out of this dude. The mister falcon he was back in Minnesota.

Quoting Coach Lue, “I said ‘Kevin, you got to BE more aggressive. Tell LeBron, I’m a bad motherfucker too, so throw me the ball.”

He is. Bron did. And Cleveland’s already waiting to play the conference finals because Love lead them there.

It’s easy to forget how talented Love is. He could be the best player on a lot of teams, but at times with the Cavs over the last two years you could forget he’s even ON the team. He’s been the dude left off the Instagram pic, the guy wide open in the corner getting ignored, the bro who doesn’t get a seat on the banana boat.

He’s never gonna be a Bron bestie, but right now he’s his best teammate. Guy’s had a double-double in all 8 playoff games. According to ESPN his best streak with the Cavs before that was 5 games in a row.

From a guy who once did it in over fifty straight games to merely a passenger. It’s been Brons car, sometimes Kyrie would drive, but never K-Love.

Big 3s aren’t supposed to work that way. Everybody’s gotta be a dog. Ray Allen would have breakout games when he was winning a title with Pierce and Garnett. Lamar Odom would step up and go off winning 2 with Pau and Kobe. Chris Bosh did the same wining a pair with Bron and WOW.

Love hasn’t done it in big games until now. Now he’s spending some time behind the wheel of that whip. It’s like he’s suddenly remembered he’s the guy who smashed Moses Malone’s double-doubles record, the freak with the skill set to win the 3-point shootout at 6-foot-10, and the guy who might have a ring right now if he didn’t blow his shoulder out last year.

Fact is the Cavs were up 2-1 on Golden State without Kyrie and Love. Now they’re both back, and Kevin Love has remembered how to be bad. We did two things yesterday: Honored all the great mothers, and saw Love become a bad motherbleeper.


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