We’re over a month into Bryce Harper’s mission to re-brand baseball.

So let’s take a look at how he’s trying to do it: Rocking a lid with his slogan on it. Using a bat with a 100 sticker on it.

Hitting a jack in four straight games.

And getting ejected in the bottom of the 9th inning, only to run out moments later and give the ump a big ol F-bombing.

That’s was last night’s lesson in Making Baseball Fun. And it was also the perfect Bryce Harper litmus test.

If you’re Team Bryce, that was him being young, brash, standing up for himself and sticking it to the man. He screamed Bleep You at the ump, and you screamed Bleep Yes on your couch.

But if you’re Team Bag, then you saw it as a whiny tantrum from an egomaniac who totally dissed an umpire doing his job.

I know this – that wasn’t “fun.” It wasn’t a good look. And it wasn’t good for the game.

The MVP getting ejected in the bottom of the 9th for arguing balls and strikes from the dugout is not cool. Especially since he was nearly ejected earlier in the game for doing the same thing at the plate.

I’m totally into the baseball fun movement. This is not it. Losing your cool  – is not cool. And to me, that looked like a guy batting .260 coming off getting walked for an entire series.

That wasn’t fun. That was throwing a fit in frustration. Bat Flipping after a home run is fun. F-bombing an ump is really not fresh. Clint Robinson hits a walk-off, and Bryce’s first order of business when he runs on the field is staring down the ump and screaming a foxtrot Yankee right in his face.

You know who’s not having fun today? Robinson. Because nobody’s talking about him.

In Bryce’s quest to make baseball fun, last night was a 4-letter Fail.


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