Steph Curry just killed Portland. Thoughts and prayers for the Blazers. The rest of the NBA playoff teams should wear a black patch with a PDX on their gamers. Steph just ended the Blazers. The team. The franchise. I’m not even sure the city is there anymore.

It’s been a good run. Clyde The Glide. Cliff Robinson. Voodoo Doughnuts. The Jail Blazers. The Timbers. But it’s all over.

Shouting out to KXTG 750 The Game up in Portland – Are you receiving my signal? Are you still broadcasting. If you can hear my voice- stay put, stay safe, we’re sending help.

I’m betting the last thing anybody in Portland remembers was going into overtime against the Warriors. Game 4, at home, the score was all tied up, and then it all went dark. The rest of the world watched Steph Curry lay waste to Portland, but I’m not even sure they remember it.

Steph may as well have gone all John Wick,and hit them with a, “Yeah… I’m thinking I’m back.”*  

All Steph Curry did in his first action in weeks, was have the greatest overtime the game has ever seen, and the most ridiculous finish of all time. 17 points in overtime shouldn’t even be possible. He made it look easy.

Secretariat punking the Belmont by 31 lengths in ’73. Usain Bolt partying for the final ten meters in Beijing in ’08. And Steph Curry torching the old Rose Garden in 2016.

Did you see Paul Allen’s face? He’s the guy who owns that place. And it should be the new crying Jordan face. That’s a man who’s worth 17 billion… A man who owns two major teams… By far the richest owner in the NFL.. And he looks like he just got bankrupted by the coldest killer in the NBA. Steph Curry just robbed his banks, burned his boats, contracted his team and ended his entire city. It’s over.

It happened so fast. Like a natural disaster you don’t see coming. 5 minutes left in regulation, Steph didn’t have a single three pointer. Two minutes into OT, the Blazers didn’t have a single reason to live.

That was more than just a Man’s Game. For the Blazers it was the End of Days.

Bow down to Steph Curry. R.I.P. Rip City.


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