Write this down and run this date to your boss.

Smack-Off 22: Will be on Friday, July 1st, 2016.

For all you callers, that’s the date you want to throw up on the wall. Put it on your mirror. Tape it up in your gym. That’s your Game Day. And it’s less than 6 weeks away.

Again – Friday, July 1st, 2016.

And there’s more. I’m also going to tell you what you’re playing for.

Past Smack-Off’s have been for everything from…  Catered Gin parties. BBQ smokers. Televisions. Laptops. Concert Tickets. This Smack-Off is for the best prize of all: The prize of cold cash.

For the second straight year – the Smack-Off Winner will receive: Five Thousand Dollars. And for the second straight year, I’m not joking. Be the best caller, get 5 gerr.

That gin party? That smoker? The TV, the concert? You can throw down for ALL of those things if you win this thing. You can be like the dude who bids so well that he rips both showcase showdowns.

And as for HOW, you can win that money – that’s up to you. As always, there really are no rules. There is no formula. But I can tell you this – content wins over all. It’s substance over stunts. I loved Leff in the Chopper. But frankly his call didn’t get it done. I don’t care if you fly by the studio in a flying saucer. You better have crazy strong takes, or you’re going to lose to the guy who’s just at home sitting at his kitchen table.

Again – break out the theatrics. I love it. Mark in Hollywood live at Big Wang’s. Mike and Chael staging a resurrection. It’s all great. But in and of themselves, it’s not enough. It’ll get you noticed, get you some run, but it won’t get you the dough. It just doesn’t work without the take.

If you want to empty your checking account to hire a pilot to write “Rack Me” in the sky over the studio-  go ahead. You’ll go instant legend. But it doesn’t mean you’ll get the check.

Invite Only. Smack-Off 22. July 1st, 2016. You’ve got your date. Go get paid.



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