Hour 1

Russell Hulk’s Out | Smack-Off Golden Ticket Shots | Keenan Reynolds (College Football) Interview


Hour 2

TRT’s Stubbornness | Life Time Ban On Willie In KC Is Lifted | Reaction To Willie In KC’s Call


Hour 3

David Joerger (NBA) Interview | Chad In LA Makes Golden Ticket Run | The Magic Hour Is Back!



Keenan Reynolds

Baltimore wideout on changing positions in the NFL: “Knew the day was coming.”


David Joerger

Sacramento head coach talks about his new gig.



Westbrook’s Bi-Monthly Hulk-Out Game

Yesterday the NBA’s best player got crowned MVP. And last night the league’s most insane player went Holy Bleep.
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Kawhi’s Arm Tackle

Question: Is it too much to ask from the NBA that we get a great game without the referees trying to ruin it? Answer: HELL YES it is.
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Take-Mac Takes A Blow Torch To Steph

Of all people, Tracy McGrady, was stoking the charcoal and coming in smokin’ on Steph.
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The Magic Hour Is Finally Back

Everything in Hollywood gets re-made eventually. And they’ve gotten around to remaking The Magic Hour.
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