Everything in Hollywood gets re-made eventually. And they’ve gotten around to remaking The Magic Hour.

Remember when somebody thought it would be a good idea to give Erv Johnson his own TV talk show, and it lasted all of 8 weeks? Well, it’s back – you can find it at Twitter.com/magicjohnson, and this time around it has a HUGE audience.

This Magic Hour goes out to over 3-million people. And I’ll be real – it’s hilarious. You could point to any comic’s standup, timeline, TV show-  and it’s not as hilarious as Maj’s timeline.

We’ve seen his flashes, before, of course,… no one will ever forget the classic episode where he listed 18 NBA players among his MVP favorites.

But now the show has really hit its stride. Of course- it’s playoff time. We’re talking about a guy who won 5 championship. Ol Maj knows how to flip the switch. Like we were all blown away by Steph Curry’s performance off the bench against Portland. But none of us see the game like Magic does. Check out his take on what Steph did out there: “The MVP Steph Curry came back from injury w/ a 40pt performance and 17pts in OT to lead the Warriors in the victory over Portland in Game 4.”

They don’t call him Magic for nothing!

Again – this is one of the all-time greats. He played Steph’s position. He can see things on the floor, before they happen; see things that no one in the history of the game will ever see.  An insight into the game that is unparalleled. He’s MAGIC FREAKING JOHNSON: top ten player of all time, and maybe the greatest point guard ever.

I can’t wait to hear what this cat has to say and what he sees when he watches Steph Curry. And his take to 3-million people is a recap of the outcome and the stats.

Are you Erv Johnson or the Associated Press? Maj is tweeting as if people are getting the outcome of the game from this timeline.

To be fair, Erv does get personal sometimes. It’s not all stats. There’s a take in there. Like this one from yesterday: “I can’t wait to see who’s going to take a 3-2 series lead in the Thunder/Spurs series tonight!” 

And none of us could wait to see what you were going to tweet about it. You didn’t disappoint. Because give him this- he’s doing something different. So many other people are racking their brains trying to craft a joke, a meme, a pop culture reference… Maj just sticks to the facts.”Russell Westbrook played a spectacular game scoring 35pts 11rebs and 9asts!’  

Again a point guard. Is there nothing special you saw in Russ’s performance that you could share with the world? What’s his tweet going to be after Heat Raptors tonight? – Heat superstar Dwyane Wade played 37 minutes in Game 5 against Toronto! Fire.

This would be like if Jack Nicklaus started tweeting. And he hit us with “Jordan Spieth looked good shooting 70 today. #Golf”

Can you imagine if Peyton Manning finally took up twitter and started launching flames like “Aaron Rodgers looked great for 330 yards and 2 touchdowns in a win today over the Bears.! #NFL”

I mean Magic has the most incredible life, he has so many things he could share with Twitter. He’s a basketball legend, he’s an LA icon, he’s crazy rich… He’s a Dodgers owner! Let’s try that.

Erv- let us into the mind of a big-time owner. “Our Dodgers came up short in the 4-2 loss the Mets last night. We look to bounce back tonight with Alex Wood on the mound! #Dodgers”

It’s like you’re right there in the owner’s box! Or right there back in the live studio audience. 2.9 million of those 3 million followers might be there just for the comedy. But the Magic Hour is finally back. It’s better than ever. It would be fun to see Cavs-Warriors, but not as fun as watching Erv’s Twitter.




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