Yesterday the NBA’s best player got crowned MVP. And last night the league’s most insane player went Holy Bleep.

Human Exclamation Point Russell Westbrook picked the perfect time for his bi monthly Hulk-Out game.

You want insane? Let me count the ways. The San Antonio Spurs have now lost back to back home playoff games. Gregg Popovich has 5 rings and is getting beaten by Eddie Donovan with 4 Final Four’s. LaMarcus Aldridge is disappearing. And it’s like San Antonio’s Big 3 isn’t even IN this series. Because the KD and Russ show has turned it into a shooting gallery.

It’s as if this series has taken on Russ’s personality: Wild, weird, unpredictable and explosive.

And that’s exactly why I don’t believe it’s over. Because it’s so easy to get caught up in the rush of the Thunder. So much energy. So much flash. So explosive. Until they blow it.

You know who gets caught up in the Thunder? The Thunder. Russ having a huge game is great on a given night, but it can be a curse the NEXT night.

The good news for OKC is that Russ is feeling his shot. The bad news is … Russ is feeling his shot. That mortar shell wearing Single-Zero exploding at the basket and killing the Spurs last night? Same dude who shot 10-31 and killed the Thunder just 4 days ago.

OKC fans know. You see Russ sink a 3-bomb from the logo, and it’s like-  awesome shot Russ. Now erase that one from your muscle memory and don’t take it again.

Maybe OKC goes home and finishes. Then we get a nuclear Thunder-Warriors series and the saltiest Popovich presser of all time. It would be fun to see. But we’re still talking about the OKC team that led the league in blown fourth quarter leads.

Both their road wins in this series have now been tagged by grotesque last-second officiating controversies. And now they’ve got Russ thinking he can’t miss. He can. KD likes to say it’s a make or miss league. Russ just single-handedly won them a game, now best pray he doesn’t shoot them out of the next one.


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