It’s true in the cubicles. It’s true in baseball. Nothing will motivate an employee like seeing a co-worker get a fat raise. Even if they’ve already been given one.

Take Max Scherzer. He just watched the Nationals break off HUGE paper for Stephen Strasburg, and then reminded them that Strasburg’s the second best starter on their team.

You signed him to a 175 million dollar deal? I’m going to deal 20 bleeping strikeouts in one game. And that’s from the guy who’s already been paid.

20Ks in a single game, and the MLB Stat goobers stayed up all night getting high off Scherzer’s numbers.

Take a hit of this: Scherzer struck out 20, and only threw 23 balls. He had zero walks.

Kicking in yet? Scherzer struck out 8 different dudes on three pitches.

And this drag will really get you floating: Scherzer has thrown two no-hitters, and this gem was better than both of them.

Finish off with a line of this dust: Scherzer’s 20k game was more dominant than a perfect game. Not a hot take. Just a fact. It’s much harder to do.

23 guys have gone perfect. Only 4 have K’d 20. And they’re all guys you know by one name only. Wood. Unit. Rocket. Rocket. Max.

Perfect games always involve crazy defense behind the pitcher. The Nationals barely needed to be out there behind Scherzer.

In fact, if anything they should have booted that ground ball in the 9th inning on purpose, so their guy could strikeout 21 and break the record. Where the hell is that in the code?

It’s not like Scherzer did it against tomato can punks either. That’s his former team with 2 dudes batting over .330 and five over .280 And one of the guys Scherzer mowed down is a triple-crowner winner. Miggy Cabrera K’d three times. So did four of his teammates.

Memo to one of Max’s teammates: Sometimes you don’t need F-bombs and slogan hats to make the game great again. One of the best things you can do to light a fire under an employee – is pay the guy he sits next to.

Max Scherzer already makes a ton of money. 20Ks makes the case he’s worth even more.


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