Hour 1

R.I.P. Portland | Golden State Putting Teams To Death | NFL In Vegas


Hour 2

1996 Jungle Photo Shoot | Max Scherzer Fans 20 | David Griffin (NBA) Interview


Hour 3

Gus Bradley (NFL) Interview | Noah Syndergaard Takes Dodgers Deep Twice | Mike Sullivan (NHL) Interview



David Griffin

Cavs general manager on the MVP of the league: “LeBron James.”


Gus Bradley

Jacksonville head coach on Pete Carroll: “A great teacher.”


Mike Sullivan

Pittsburgh head coach on Sidney Crosby: “He really cares.”


Golden State Goes WWE

Steph Curry is officially the back-to-back MVP. The Warriors are now eight wins from back-to-back titles.
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A Clean Death

Let’s all pour one out for Portland. Because I can’t remember a time I’ve respected a team more for losing in 5.
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20k Game

It’s true in the cubicles. It’s true in baseball. Nothing will motivate an employee like seeing a co-worker get a fat raise. Even if they’ve already been given one.
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