Steph Curry is officially the back-to-back MVP. The Warriors are now eight wins from back-to-back titles. And in closing out Portland last night, Steph proved that one of the typically BS takes from MVPs can actually be true. How many MVP’s have taken that trophy and tried to tell the world “This is a team award. I wouldn’t be here without these guys.”

No it’s not. Yes you would. 45 back in the 80s, KG on the T-Wolves, Bron in Cleveland – they were going to rip that thing no matter who they played with. They were MVP monsters carrying along supporting casts that never touched a ring.

With Steph it truly is a shared thing with his teammates. He could win an MVP in another city. He has enough game. But he wouldn’t be taking that trophy about to win his 81st game. Steph says it. I believe it. And then the Warriors went out and proved it.

We didn’t get peak Curry last night. Not even close. Little slow, bit sluggish, real quiet and off early. Then Draymond tweaks his ankle. Then Andy Bogut left in the first half. That should be a horrible night for the Warriors, and it didn’t even matter.

Because the world’s greatest tag team is still the Splash Brothers. MVP can’t find this game? Whatever, just slap in Klay and chill by the turnbuckles while he starts suplexing Portland.

You can have your Legion of Doom, Demolition. The British Bulldogs and the Bushwhackers. None of those tag teams are as nasty as the Warriors.

Because Steph Curry is the best shooter the game has ever seen, and on a given night he’s not even the best on his own team. He knows it, and that’s why on his MVP night he went out of his way to throw all the dap on Klay.

Yeah, I just don’t’ think back in ’88, MVP Mike Jordan was saying Nah, nah everybody – this is about Scott, Brad Sellers and Dave Corzine.

Portland got Steph’s B-Game in a closeout game, and still couldn’t beat them. Two deep. Too potent.

Steph’s the MVP, and he’s got a couple of other guys who could be. I just don’t see anybody stopping all of them 4 times in 7 games. Especially now that they get to rest up for at least 5 days.

Steph’s the MVP. Golden State goes WWE. The rest of the Final 4 is SOL.


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