Info & Stats:  Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach

All Topics: Buzz around the Jags | 2016 NFL Draft | Drafting Jalen Ramsey and Myles Jack | Jack falling to the 2nd round | Jim Mora’s praise for Jack | Jack’s knee | Positive energy | Blake Bortles | Working with Pete Carroll | Rookie mini-camp | Their Stadium | Fan base

May 12th 2016

Gus on Pete Carroll: “A great teacher.”

June 18th 2014

All Topics: 2nd off-season as a head coach | New players on the team | 6,000 fans showing up for their rookie camp | Their fans have been great | Blake Bortles | How they’re handling Bortles | The start of last season | Getting stronger as a team towards the end of the season | Taking the team bowling last week | Jordan Todman’s bowling game | Things are heading in the right direction here | Pool side cabana setup at the Stadium | Ownership and management have done a great job |

Gus on Blake Bortles: “Really really competitive.”

July 30th 2013

All Topics: First Training Camp as a NFL Head Coach | Changing a culture | Bringing in competition | First evaluating the Jacksonville roster | Just wanting to get faster on both sides of the ball | The dangerous words of “I Got This” | Learning from Derrick Brooks | A lot of injuries so far this season | Blaine Gabbert being carted off yesterday | Gabbert’s injury not serious | Gabbert vs. Henke | Consistency at the quarterback position | Gene Stallings coaching clinic | Stallings talking about a coaching philosophy in 20 words or rest | Important to stay true to yourself

Gus on his first Training Camp as a NFL head coach: “In the process of changing a culture.”


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