During your lunch break- do you want to watch the ’85 Bears lose to Dan Marino? Or watch Kevin Dyson get tackled at the 1-yard line? Maybe Browns fans want to hate themselves and re-watch The Drive? Soon, they’ll be able to.

And I don’t mean with the footage that’s been running in their heads for 29 years on a loop. I mean on with few clicks on their laptop. The NFL is FINALLY beefing up their YouTube presence.

And it’s about freaking time, Shield. Nice to have you here.

Because until now – if you try to YouTube NFL highlights, you just got a bunch of hacky nonsense. The Shield should be better than that. They spend most of their time on YouTube unleashing their fun police bloodhounds and tearing down anything that uses their footage. And the result is a total mess.

Frankly, it’s undignified. When I type in “Montana to Clark”… I don’t’ want to see some dude recreating the play with Tecmo Bowl.

If I want to rewatch “2006 AFC Title Game” – I’m going to get, at best, some dude rolling his home-movie camera on a TV screen and talking over the whole thing. And that’s a win!

Better that, then thinking – YES, somebody finally uploaded that Brett Favre Monday nighter against the Raiders… Only to click and see it’s some dope who recreated the game with Legos.

And the worst, by far – is some YouTuber posting the title  “FAIL MARY GAME IN HD!” And then it’s just a guy talking to camera and giving his TAKE on the game. Awful. And bush league.

The NBA embraces YouTube like no other. It’s long overdue for the NFL to join in.

You can’t try to get with the times and move to stream games on Twitter, when you won’t even allow your old games be on YouTube. All the legends do it.

I can watch 500 different Springsteen shows from start to finish, but I can’t see a single Steelers game? Again -it’s about time. And on behalf of over 1 billion YouTube Users, I’d like to welcome the shield to 2005.


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