Here’s something nobody thought we’d say until at San Antonio v. Golden State: The Spurs are dead.

Fact is, one of the most dominant regular season teams we’ve ever seen, was a pretty easy out in the playoffs.

So stop asking this morning – What happened to the Spurs??? They ran into a team that was better. Pop said it himself after the game.

Not that he needed to. We just watched them lose wire-to-wire against OKC. That close out game wasn’t really all that competitive.

What happened to the Spurs? The Thunder happened. I’ll tell you what didn’t happen – any of that old Spurs magic. That engine wouldn’t fire.

If you kept waiting for Manu to make some insane open court play, Tony to rip a steal and change all the momentum, Kawhi to hulk out and swallow the entire stadium… It wasn’t coming. San Antonio spent the whole game like they spent most of this series- CHASING.

And don’t make the mistake of minimizing this win by saying – OKC was just younger and faster. No, they were just BETTER. Their defense. Their adjustments. Their mentality. They didn’t just out run the Spurs. They straight up outplayed them.

For Timmy Duncan that might be career over. And it’s definitely season over.

I’ll give them this – San Antonio’s got nothing to kick themselves over. They’ve got no regrets. This was no let down. They didn’t lose because of something they did. Or didn’t do. They lost because of what OKC did to them. Better physically, and maybe most shocking – better mentally.

Remember in Game 1 the Thunder were punked BADLY- and then responsedby just turning into bosses overnight. The so-called OKC chokers turned into coffee-slamming closers, and they did it against a group of future hall of famers.

This Spurs team lost just 15 games over 8 months. This Thunder team beat them 4 times in 9 days.

See you at Oracle.


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