I want to say thank you to the Toronto Raptors for putting down Miami and ending what I’ve called the best bad series ever. I feel like that thing was a best of 17.

For a time, it didn’t look like it was ever going to end. And now apparently everybody thinks Cavs-Raptors is going to be even worse.

First things first; it doesn’t matter how it looks. Or even if Toronto gets blown out; because even if they do, it’s still the best season in Raptors history.

The phrase is tired, but it’s true, if anyone is playing with house money, it’s the Raptors. Because no one, anywhere had them getting this far. They’re in the conference finals for the first time ever, and no one can take that from them. So if anyone should be loose coming in, it’s Toronto. They have nothing to lose.

And the Cavs have everything to lose. Again, the Cavs are heavy favorites. And they should be. And as you might imagine, LeBron is their biggest issue. But not for the reason you might think.

Sure he’s desperate to deliver a title to his hometown. But even more furious that he won’t get to ball against fellow banana boater Dwyane Wade. How bent do you think LeBron is, that Toronto just denied him some bro time with D-Wade. That’s a reason to go for him.

You know how mad you get if you’ve got a guy’s night on the calendar, and for some reason you have to cancel? That’s Bron right now.

He was going to get a couple weeks with his BFF and now he’s gotta fly back and forth to Canada instead. He’s gonna be bent.

And he’s trying to say now that he didn’t really care who they played, Toronto or Miami. Sure you didn’t Bron. Guy openly admitted that he’s whimsically dreamed about playing D-Wade in a playoff series one day. It’s bucket list stuff for him. And Toronto just took that away from him.

Against Miami? Bron probably would have mailed in a game or two just to extend the series. Maybe “cramp up” in a close-out game just to keep the dude time going. You know – “Bros Before Close.”

Unless Toronto can land a trade in the next 48 hours for CP3 or Melo, Bron will be looking to close. I hope this series goes 7. But it’s nearly impossible for me to argue that it will.


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