Teams hoping to go big in the 2016 NBA Draft: The Boston Celtics. The LA Lakers. And the StubHub 76ers.

It became official, the Sixers are now the first ever NBA team to put a sponsor on their gamers.

And to me, it’s one of the most overblown things ever. Stop saying this is a shameless, gaudy sell-out job by the NBA. We’re talking about a small, tasteful little patch that says StubHub on it, in the team colors.

I guarantee this is something you forget about 5 seconds after the Sixers take the court.

And by the way, it’s perfect that the Sixers are the ones to do it. They should be the chise that plays it’s games looking like some kind of D-league team… they practically are one. It’s not like the Warriors are going to play the finals with a RoundTablePizza logo on their chests.

You think this is the low point for the Sixers? It’s not even in their top 50. You think it’s bad they have a little corporate logo? They recently lost 28 games in a row! Their # 3 overall pick Jahlil Okafor was brawling fans in the street because they said Sixers suck. Throwing this patch on their games is one of the best moves Philly has made in a decade – it’s one business transaction that they’re positive won’t be a bust.

That patch can’t airball free throws. That patch can’t start the season 1-20. That patch won’t lose to San Antonio by 40.

Obviously basketball’s not working for them so they’re giving capitalism a try. They should have the Sixers make their players come out wearing head-to-toe NASCAR suits with 50 different sponsors. If the players aren’t going to make us any money, then we’ll get paid by the sponsors.

The worst thing on those jerseys isn’t the patch that says StubHub, it’s the letters right next to it that spell “SIXERS.”


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