The Buffalo Bills just had a DAY. And gas bags got a free vacation.

Everyone loves clowning the Bills, it’s cheap, easy content. If it bleeds it leads. And other than Cleveland, nothing runs quite like Buffalo blood.

Yesterday the Bills sliced open an artery with a couple of bad injuries. Rex Ryan’s fake tough guy defense had a bottom-5 pass rush last year? Draft Shaq Lawson in the first round. Problem solved. Only he just jacked up his shoulder in a non-contact drill and has to have surgery.

Buffalo was 28th in the league in passing last year? All good, Sammy Watkins ended strong, he’s healthy, and he’s about to take the 3rd year jump. Problem solved. Only come to find out he has a broken foot and will be out all summer.

So quick recap for Bills fans: On one Monday, they learn they lost their best playmaker AND their best pass rusher!

Look it’s not good. It’s actually pretty bad. But you know what it’s not the apocalypse? Because it’s May 17th. Stop saying this is “The Most Bills Day Ever.”

Stop tweeting that the team is already on the clock for 2017.

And for god’s sake, stop making your dumb jokes about how Watkins broke his foot because Rex was trying to suck on it.

Watkins already had surgery 3 weeks ago, and is expected to be back for the opener. Lawson might miss a month of the season. So in other words, he’ll miss that first month when the Bills always play well, and he’ll show up just when they’ve faked everybody out and are starting their free-fall. Maybe that’s actually a good thing. And rookie pass rushers are the best position to just drop right in and make a difference. We’re not talking about a quarterback. This is a guy who’s paid to break them.

Just don’t tell me a couple injuries in May means we can pencil Buffalo in for the basement.

Buffalo – you know I’m always real with you. I’ve told you before when you’re terrible. I’ve stuck up for you when you’re not. I very well may be telling you that again this season, but it’s dumb and lazy to tell you that right now. If Tyrod and Shady go down, you’ve got problems. Don’t get it twistd- I’m not saying you’re going to the playoffs. But I’m also not having a cheap laugh and saying you’re going 4-12. It was a bad day. But not a season killing day.



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