The Warriors have won 49 games on their home floor this season… Then last night they didn’t show up for one.

Not really. I don’t know who the hell that was in the Golden State gamers. I just know it’s wasn’t the Warriors. The Warriors don’t just leak away big second half leads. The Warriors don’t score 14 points in the 4th quarter. They can get you 14 points in 15 seconds. These guys last night were trying and failing to do a bad Warriors impression.

Steph Curry said it himself after the loss. “We have to be better at being us.”

They have to be much better. Because they say Game 1 will tell what kind of series it’s gonna be.

Golden State just learned this isn’t going to be a series with the Blazers. That’s not the Rockets out there. Those guys who just kicked down their door and beat them on their own floor? They’re the guys who just did San Antonio. They’re not playing.

OKC is the team that nobody wants to play right now. And Golden State has to run it back and play them tomorrow night.

Hopefully the real Warriors show up. Not the guys that got Draymond to say “Offensively, we sucked.”

It sounds like a crazy take. When is that EVER true about Golden State? This bunch of Association snipers hits a buck-20 in their sleep, and they couldn’t get a bucket in the 4th quarter? Steph was trending for going 5-for-5 from the freaking logo during warmups! But only; 1-for-6 overall in the 4th quarter.

As usual, Draymond is right. That was bizarro Steph. That was fake Golden State.

Taking nothing away from OKC; they went into an extremely hostile house and did the Warriors. Credit for that.

But I still don’t see them doing that four times in seven games. The Warriors played about as poorly as they can and still were in position to win it.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. It’s not. But it’ll be easier when the Warriors get back to doing what they do; when they take better shots, and take better care of the ball.

Look…after watching the Thunder go right through the Spurs, maybe it was naïve to think Golden State would just roll them up. But I still see them winning this series. It just won’t be the boatrace most were making it out to be. Warriors in 7.


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