After the Miami Dolphins finished a disappointing 2015 season with a 6-10 record, wide receiver Jarvis Landry didn’t feel like reflecting on his own individual accolades. However, Landry joined The Jim Rome Show on Monday, and took time to look back on setting the NFL record for most catches by a wide receiver in his first two seasons.

“I guess it’s been a bit of a roller coaster,” Landry said. “When you have success and your team doesn’t actually make it to the playoffs, being the team guy that I am, I kind of always under-look my success or the things that I have accomplished, but having an opportunity this past off-season just to look back at the things that I’ve done, it’s a testament man, to all the hard work, the great coaching staffs I’ve been a part of and them also giving me the opportunity to make plays for the team.”

Landry still gets a kick out of NFL teams that held his 4.77 40-yard dash time at the NFL Scouting Combine against him, allowing him to slide to the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

“I laugh at it. I laugh at it,” Landry said. “I talked to a couple guys that didn’t run a great 40 time at the combine and just talking to them and just telling them listen, that doesn’t define your career. And I’ve always wondered why that plays a big roll into a team selecting a guy, how fast he runs a 40, but if it doesn’t translate, if he doesn’t produce then you know you’re really only paying for the stop watch, you’re not really paying for the player in a sense.

“For me, again, it’s a testament to hard work, to countless hours of just catching, running routes, learning defenses, all that pays off, and I play as fast as a 4.3 guy anyways.”

The 2015 Pro Bowler still is motivated by the draft slight and naysayers and can’t wait for the upcoming season.

“I’m as hungry as ever. Every time I touch the field, I feel like I got something to prove, even on the practice field,” Landry said. “I’m just so set on trying to be the best, and you can do that if you don’t work hard in this league and you’re not consistent. So I think that’s my mindset. It’s been my mindset just becoming a better leader for our teammates and not only that just continue to be consistent and work hard.”


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