Hour 1

Not A Good Night For Canada | The Magic Hour Tweets About Draft Lottery | Smack-Off 22 Preview


Hour 2

Jim’s Favorite Jets QB | Nate McMillan (NBA) Interview | Atlanta Braves Firing Practices


Hour 3

Laquon Treadwell (NFL) Interview | Nolan Arenado (MLB) Interview | KB Brakes Coffee Machine



Nate McMillan

Indiana head coach on Coach K’s communication skills: “Always working on his words.”


Nolan Arenado

Colorado third baseman on Rockies baseball: “It’s a different culture here right now.”


Laquon Treadwell

Minnesota Vikings rookie on his introduction to the NFL so far:  “An amazing experience.”


A Real Bad Week For Toronto

I think it’s time to check in with Toronto. How you living up there? In fact, are you even alive?
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Quitting Pays Off

Three straight seasons of being the biggest embarrassment in the league, finally lands you the best pick in the draft. The lesson learned? Tanking works.
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Worst Firing Ever

The Atlanta Braves are the worst team in baseball. And now they’ve whacked their manager with the worst firing I’ve ever heard of.
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Love Mikey B

More proof that Michael Bennett is one of the last of a dying breed. The athlete who will actually say something in 2016.
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Check out the Jets quarterback mess.
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