First year player or not, Minnesota Vikings rookie wide receiver Laquon Treadwell has already received the attention of some of his position’s all-time greats. Hall of Famers Jerry Rice and Michael Irvin recently raved about the first-round wideout’s potential. Treadwell joined The Jim Rome Show on Wednesday and talked about the former players’ praise.

“I am a humble guy, so I really take it for what it is. Those were some of the best who ever played the game, so I can’t take it as more than that,” Treadwell said. “But it’s still up to me to go out and work hard and not allow it to distract me in a sense.”

Treadwell explained the double edge sword of such legends saying positive things about you.

“For any 20-year-old to hear that, they can take it to the head and feel like everything is supposed to be giving to them,” Treadwell said. “For me, I just try to block it out, but still take in for what it is and just continue to get better, and I don’t try to add any extra pressure to myself from an outside source. I kind of try to stay focused.

“There are so many other things in the world that can take the distraction off football, and that’s what I’m trying to do is stay focused and be coachable most importantly, and that’s what I’ve been doing these last couple weeks, and that’s a big praise and it’s an honor to hear from them. I just got to continue to keep working and get better.”

To hear Rice and Irvin having such glowing remarks about Treadwell in 2016 is somewhat of a miracle in itself. As a sophomore at Ole Miss, in 2014, Treadwell suffered a horrific leg injury where he broke his fibula and dislocated his ankle.

Treadwell refused to take pain pills shortly into his rehab and recovery from the surgery.

“I was in bed, it was about a week after the surgery, and I was taking [the pain pills] at first, of course, because that’s what they wanted me to do,” Treadwell said. “But it was so painful, I told myself that I’m not going to take them anymore. Because every time I’d take them I’d just fall asleep, and I felt like I was dependent on them every time I use them. I text my coach, it was like four in the morning, and I just told him like man, I can’t take these no more, and he was like ‘Where’s your pills?’ and I was like I aint taking them no more. The pain I feel now I never want to feel it again.

“I just said it will make me appreciate the game more and go harder and just stay focused on what I need to do to get better. And so I stopped taking them and eventually, the pain just went away, and I overcame it and took the next step and was able to start walking again, and that’s when I started working out from the day I started being able to walk.”


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