More proof that Michael Bennett is one of the last of a dying breed. The athlete who will actually say something in 2016.

And Mikey B will say anything. He’ll even go way out of his lane. Because Sam Branford has nothing to do with his team. But Bennett still swerved over to splash him with a giant mud puddle on the side of the road.

Remember when Bradford threw a fit and demanded a trade from the Eagles because he didn’t want to compete with Carson Wentz? Bennett does. He old ESPN he’s not happy with his Seahawks contract right now, but says he won’t be holding out, and that the way Bradford rolled made him want to puke. “I listened to Sam Bradford again. I just almost threw up. I can’t believe Sam Bradford is making $40 million in the next two years, and because he actually has to compete for a position, this guy, this guy right here definitely sets a bad tone of what a player should be. If I was his teammate… How can you play with a guy that doesn’t want to compete at a high level and feels like his position should be solidified without even putting up the stats or the wins that back it up?”  

I have no idea how do you do it. I don’t know how a teammate making 2% of Bradford’s check and scrapping to just make the team, can respect a guy who demands a trade, because he can’t beat out a rookie. Because he doesn’t think he should even have to try. Those are the guys who should be barfing.

And to Bennett’s point- this isn’t Drew Brees or Eli Manning we’re talking about. Those guys have Super Bowl rings. Bennett has a Super Bowl ring. Sam Bradford has never even lead a team to a wildcard game.

Demanding a trade because the team moved up to select their potential q.b. of the future, is sitting in the clubhouse as 2016’s worst take. And it keeps looking worse. Check the reaction from Bradford’s backup, Chase Daniel. Here’s how he responded to the Eagles taking Wentz. “My thought process was, ‘Hey, it’s awesome. They’re bringing a guy in. .. I’ve always had to fight for everything I’ve had. Not saying Sam hasn’t, just for me it was a welcome competition.”  

I’m saying Sam hasn’t. And Sam’s saying he doesn’t want to.

Chase Daniel wants to compete. Michael Bennett wants to puke. And I want to slam another one of those Sam Bradford sandwiches.

Look, Sam, you’ve never developed into the player many thought you would be. Some of that has to do with injuries. And that’s not your fault. But running at the first sign of adversity is. Good luck shaking this rap. I’d say that you could make this all go away by just balling up, but if you were that kind of baller, you would have never pulled this garbage in the first place.

I’ve never seen a solid dude, handle a non-situation, any worse than Bradford handled this. And it’s going to stick to him forever.


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