Two facts about the Warriors: They still haven’t lost back to back games even once this season… and now we know they can play mad. And win mad.

Golden State 118. OKC 91.

Series even. Steph Curry salty as hell. Yeah I said it. The biggest BS about Steph is that he’s nothing but an easy-going, soft-spoken dude who goes with the flow. He just chews on that mouth guard, takes care of his cute little daughter and chucks up 35 footers.

But just because Steph’s a good guy doesn’t mean he can’t be a bad Mother. Nobody wins back to back MVPs without getting mad and being mean. Last night Steph got his elbow blown up, Kevin Durant tried to step on him, and he knew if they dropped this game everybody would start giving up on him. He was mad.

And then in about 5 seconds the game was over. Actually, it was 82 seconds. That’s how long it took Steph to drop 12 points in the 3rd quarter. Quoting his teammate Festus Ezeli. “Steph is going to Steph.”


Steph’s just a nice guy? Ask Serge Ibaka, who got mean mugged right in his grill before Steph’s shot even fell. That nice guy will bleep you up and let you know about it.

And so will his teammates. I don’t know how we’re still hearing this after the season they’ve had, but there’s seem to be this extremely lame rap, that the Golden State Warriors are just a bunch of soft, new-era 3-point circus performers. That’s a tired, lame take from somebody who’s only seen this team in highlights and vines.

Of course Steph lands the over hand rights, but they blew out OKC because they landed body blows last night. Hard fouls by Andy Bogut. Glass domination by the whole team. They got rolled on the boards in Game 1, turned their rings around and went to work in Game 2.

Their answer to everything isn’t “hit more threes.” It’s hit the glass and take teams out at the knees. Golden State got their nose busted in Game 1. But they didn’t get freaked out. They got pissed off. You can beat this team. But you can’t break them. They got the series back. They got their swagger back.

When the Warriors get mad, teams get hammered. Mad Game. Man’s game.


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