Hour 1

Thefty Mickelson | Mike McCoy (NFL) Interview |Cleveland Up 2-0


Hour 2

More On Thefty | Sean Doolittle (MLB) Interview | Tim Layden (Horse Racing) Interview


Hour 3

Robert Lusetich (Golf) Interview | #JukeBoxFriday | Week That Was



Mike McCoy

San Diego head coach on Joey Bosa: “Just love the way he plays the game.”


Sean Doolittle

Oakland pitcher shares his story with Van Smack.


Tim Layden

SI writer on if Nyquist is getting the respect he deserves: “Probably not.”


Robert Lusetich

Fox Sports golf writer talks Phil Mickelson’s alleged gambling activities.


Not A Fair Fight

Shouting out to Toronto. Remember when your Raptors closed out Miami and you chanted “WE WANT CLEVELAND”?? No you didn’t.
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Cousins-Stapp In 2016!

This fall the NFC East is going to be wide open. And already this spring, Kirk Cousins ARMS are wide open.
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Idiotface Looks Strung Out

Manziel doesn’t even look like he could play flag football for some local frat.
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