This fall the NFC East is going to be wide open. And already this spring, Kirk Cousins ARMS are wide open.

The Redskins quarterback hit Twitter with an unsolicited C-Bomb out of nowhere yesterday. “Today the Creed Greatest Hits album was played during the team lift. Today was a good day.”

Dude did you just drop Ice Cube and Creed into the same tweet? Better question: How the hell does Creed even HAVE a greatest hits album?

And before you ask why the Skins would play it in the weight room- It’s because the starting quarterback LOVES it. The rest of us might want to throw up when we hear it. But K.C. wants to throw up 2,000 pounds on the bench press if he even hears one lick from the kings of Leather Pants Douche Rock.

So let him bump his Creed. It works for him. Did you see him ball last year? DID YOU LIKE THAT?? DID YOU LIKE THAT?? Well, he likes Creed. Let him listen to whatever he wants.

Because the fact is, it’s an upgrade. Kirk Cousins could run around the locker belting “My Sacrifice.” He could begin every  press conference by quoting Scott Stapp. And it would still be cooler than the bubble-gum psychobabble that RG3 use to churn out every 5 seconds.

You tell me. Sample Stapp lyric: When you are with me, I’m free. / I’m careless, I believe. / Above all the others, we’ll fly. / This brings tears to me eyes. / My sacrifice…  Pretty cornball right? Wrong. Not compared to the guy who USED to do Cousins’ job. Sample RG3 tweet. And yes, this is real. “If you are out there looking to the sky & wondering if the stars shine for you … They do.” It’s over! It’s over! Not even close.

Everybody in DC should be blasting Creed. Let Kirk Cousins have his Creed. Cousins-Stapp in 2016! Because post-RG3… that band has never sounded cooler. Cousins already taken you to the playoffs…. Now he wants to TAKE YOU HIGHER.


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