Damnest thing: just as I made the statement, that we had a few days without a single Johnny Manziel update or sighting and that dude might somehow, actually might be staying in his shoes, and drying out, a story drops on TMZ Sports with pictures of Manziel at a pool party in Vegas. And dude was completely unrecognizable.

Had there not been an accompanying story, I couldn’t have even told you who it was. Dude looked that bad.

Has deteriorated that badly. He’s gaunt. Skinny, tatted out, and looking like a strung out junkey.

Even for the trainwreck that is idiotface, I can’t believe how badly and quickly this guy deteriorated.

This guy played in the NFL last season! Never mind, looking nothing like a guy who played in the NFL just months ago; right now… he doesn’t even look like he could play flag football for some local frat.

He looks that bad… The before and after shots of this guy are incredible. I’m not saying he looked like some monster NFL’er in the before shot. But he doesn’t even look like a high school player right now. He looks like he just rolled out of a meth trailer in the 909.

If I didn’t know his actual diagnosis, fireball fever and gin-fluenza; I say this dude was gravely ill. And has maybe six months to live.

Hell, I might actually be right about that. That’s how bad he looks.

Never mind being ready to start the upcoming NFL season; I just hope the guy is still alive when the season kicks off.

How in the world did this cat come that far off the rails, that quickly? He was in the NFL last year? He won the Heisman trophy three years ago? This has gone from something to laugh at, to pathetic to sad to absolutely dire. This dude is in a really bad way: if someone hits you with the over under of 30 as to when this cat is in the ground: take the under. I know I will.


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