Info & Stats:  San Diego Chargers Head Coach

All Topics: Off-season | 2016 Draft | Selecting Joey Bosa third overall | Brandon Mebane saying there is more talent on this defense than Seattle | Adding Mebane | Bringing Ken Whisenhunt back | Philp Rivers being very comfortable with Ken | Rivers’ motor | Melvin Gordon’s surgery | Not running the ball well last year |

May 20th 2016

Mike on Joey Bosa: “Just love the way he plays the game.”

Jan 29th 2013

All Topics: Not going to New Orleans | First two weeks in San Diego | Hiring a very good staff | When he realized he was ready for a head coaching job in the NFL | His interview with San Diego | The culture will change in San Diego | The organization will be a family | Philip Rivers | Rivers is a big reason why he is going to San Diego | Rivers struggles the past few seasons  | Analyzing the team | Turnovers | Building a plan | Ken Whisenhunt | Hiring Whisenhunt being critical for him | Whisenhunt and him being mentored by Dan Henning | It was an honor and privilege to work with Peyton Manning | Peyton’s work ethic being second to none | Peyton’s preparation | Day to day here in San Diego |

Mike on Philip Rivers playing in San Diego: “It’s a big reason why we decided to come here.”


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