Thank the basketball gods for giving us something REAL in that Raptors win. I think we all need something to wash LeBron’s fakery out of our eyes. And we got it in buckets.

You want real? It’s the pride of The Congo, the new mayor of Toronto, my man Mt. Biyombo. 26 Boards and 4 blocks from Bismack Biyombo.

Did I, or did I not beg you to jump on the Bismack Train last round while there were some SRO spots left? If you didn’t listen, you’re out of luck. They’re gone. The Bismack Express is one of those trains on the other side of the world with a thousand people hanging off it.

To those questions of how the Raptors were going to even win a game in this series? How were they going to compete with the Cavs firepower from the outside? The answer is beat the hell out of them inside and then wave the finger at them.

We can all agree that one of the baddest sights in boxing is the body-shot knockout. Some dude’s been taking shots to the body for 5 rounds, finally eats one with his liver and just crumbles. That’s why Biyombo did to Cleveland in Game 3. That’s how the Cavs lost their first playoff game. They didn’t’ take one big shot on the chin, they took 26 to the ribs.

And to this question of- should Biyombo be wagging his finger like that? Of course he should. His coach Dwane Casey says he’s all right with it. I’m great with it. I don’t care if he jumps up on the scorer’s table and does a backflip.

Why shouldn’t he pay respects to Dikembe after something like this?


Deek has already given him his blessing to do it. And the only people who don’t want him to, are the Cavs themselves. That’s why they had to try to stop the Bismack party with a crotch shot.


Association groin shots had a HUGE weekend. But it’s going to take a lot more than that to stop Big Business.

Him going out and getting 26 boards was the perfect antidote to LeBron flopping and hitting the deck. Bron acted like he took a sniper shot. Bismack killed Cleveland with body shots.

The supposed face of the NBA was on the floor. My new favorite player in the NBA OWNED the floor. WAR Big Business.


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