My two favorite words in the world right now are “big business.” I could not be more jacked about the rise of Bismack Biyombo. This dude has exploded.

The business is like a band that blows up overnight, out of nowhere. Like GNR blowing the doors off the Troubadour back in the 80s and becoming the biggest band in the world before they even walked off stage.

The business got everybody’s attention last round when he punked Dwyane Wade. Now he’s selling out arenas and everybody wants a piece of him. Two weeks ago most fans hadn’t even heard of him. Ask Kevin Love if he’s heard of him.


Oh, and ask Bronny if he’s heard of him.


What a bad whistle and a huge buzzkill. That call felt like a security guard who walks on stage in the middle of a set list to enforce some county curfews and kill the concert. Let the rockstar work. He went straight up against LeBron. He got the ball. Of course Bron hit the deck – that’s what he does. Doesn’t matter if it’s Mt. Biyombo or a teammate’s elbow.

You know Bron wanted that so badly too. It’s just like Mike wanted to throw down on deek Mutombo and wag the finger. Only he actually did it. Because he’s the baddest ever and Bron’s a try-hard flopper.

That was no foul. That whistle was just a reaction call. It’s like when the NFL refs throw a flag just because there’s a really big hit. Like damn, that was so violent, there has to be a penalty somewhere.

So don’t try to tell me that the Raptors aren’t fun to watch or that they don’t have the big stars. Just watch big business.

TNT should isolate him in a bubble all game. The business bubble. Dude’s motor never stops. I don’t know how he only got credited for 3 blocks last night. Because it felt like 12. I don’t’ know how he’s only 6’9. Because he plays like he’s 9’6. And he just rocked Toronto with a face-melting 2-night set.

King slayer, rim protector, rock star, nobody beats the biz.


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